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Cenforce 100 is a generic, a complete pharmacological analogue of Viagra - the medicine for ED treatment.

The only difference between this drug and Viagra is the affordable price of Cenforce 100 mg, due to the fact that the manufacturer of this product, the pharma company Centurion Laboratories, had no costs for developing and testing the active substance of Cenforce 100 - Sildenafil citrate.

The effect of Sildenafil citrate on man’s potency is realized through vasodilation of the penis vessels, due to which the blood supply to the cavernous bodies increases and an erection occurs.

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The best purchase option is to buy Cenforce 100 online. There are a number of undoubted advantages of this method of acquisition:

  • Efficiency. You save your time and get the product in a short time.
  • Quality. Online drugstores ensure that it will be convenient for you to buy Cenforce 100 mg pills. The services provide all the necessary documents and certification.
  • Convenience. You will not spend your efforts to find the right medicine for you.

Whom is this drug for?

Cenforce 100 is prescribed for men with weak erection or in case of its absence. Direct reasons for the occurrence of this ailment may be different:

  • Psychological. Some middle-aged men (30 - 45 years old) due to certain circumstances (temporary health problems, alcohol abuse, etc.) have a negative experience of sexual intimacy, which causes the fear of a new failure in bed. Also, young men (18 - 22 years old) have a fear of the first sexual intercourse, because they doubt their strength or have also experienced sexual failure.
  • Physiological. In this case, men suffer from poor erection or its complete absence. And this is connected not with psychological disorders, but with violations of anatomical mechanisms. The causes of erectile dysfunction in each case may be different. Only a doctor can determine them after a thorough examination.
  • Age deviations. Naturally, with the onset of solid age, the possibility of sexual disorders increases. Therefore, men over 45 years old are in the zone of ​​increased risk of sexual dysfunction.

Regardless of the causes of sexual disorders, Cenforce 100, in the opinion of doctors, overwhelmingly helps to solve the emerging potency problems.

Cenforce 100 Warnings

In order not to bring any harm to your health, you should observe the following precautions:

  • do not drink alcohol;
  • reduce the number of cigarettes;
  • abandon drinking grapefruit and grape juices, eating grapefruits;
  • if you want to buy Cenforce 100, do not combine Cenforce with the intake of nitrogen donators, nitrate-containing drugs, other means for increasing potency;
  • when in doubt, consult an urologist.

How does Cenforce 100mg work?

Cenforce 100mg stimulates blood circulation in the pelvic area. It begins to act an hour after ingestion and remains effective for 7 to 8 hours. It allows you to carry out at least three to four sexual acts during this time, with minimum duration of sex starting from 40 minutes.

How to take Cenforce 100mg?

Before you use Cenforce 100mg, you should learn how the drug works and how to use it correctly.

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Cenforce 100mg tablets are taken no more than one per day, orally, or dissolved in the mouth like candy. Due to the fact that the active substance is absorbed orally, the effect of the medicine Cenforce Professional begins faster. After 40 minutes you can be ready for sex. One of the advantages of soft tablets is their sweet taste. The drug is incompatible with alcohol and spicy food. On the day of taking the pill, it is forbidden to use psychotropic drugs, nitrates, painkillers and antibiotics. Their interaction may adversely affect the effectiveness of the drug.

Most patients take one pill of Cenforce (100 mg of the active ingredient). This pill is enough to cope with the most severe form of erectile dysfunction. But it isn't always considered optimal. If erectile dysfunction isn't so severe, it is better to start using a quarter or half a tablet of Sildenafil. Half dose is enough for people who are sensitive to Sildenafil.

The maximum daily dose of Cenforce is 1 pill (100 mg). Specialists do not recommend exceeding it. Otherwise, the likelihood of side effects will increase. In addition, an overdose of any medicine can be dangerous to health.

How long does it take for Cenforce 100 mg to work?

Cenforce 100mg tablets for men (Sildenafil tablets) are quickly absorbed, and its effect starts in 15-20 minutes. In most cases, it becomes noticeable after 25-40 minutes. On average, it is recommended to take the drug 1 hour before the expected sexual intimacy. The effect of Sildenafil lasts 4-5 hours.

Do I need a prescription for Cenforce 100mg?

The main question that interests men before purchasing Cenforce 100mg sounds as follows: is sildenafil a prescription drug?

The answer is simple: you do not need a prescription to purchase Cenforce. This allows you not to waste time visiting a specialist and immediately get the right medicine. Book your Cenforce 100mg at online drugstores.

Contraindications and side effects

The effect of Sildenafil citrate on the body was studied during clinical trials. In most cases, drugs with this component are well tolerated.

Contraindications to taking drugs of Cenforce 100 series:

  • intolerance of Sildenafil citrate;
  • taking nitrate medicines;
  • tendency for priapism;
  • unstable angina pectoris, arterial hypertension or hypotension, heart failure;
  • recent myocardial infarction or stroke;
  • deformation of the penis;
  • thermal stages of renal or hepatic insufficiency;
  • diseases accompanied by bleeding;
  • it is forbidden to use drugs with Sildenafil for young men under the age of 18 years old.

Cenforce 100 side effects

Compliance with the recommended dosage doesn’t lead to deterioration of health. However, if there is an increased dosage of Sildenafil in the composition of the drug, then such side effects can appear:

  • severe headache or dizziness;
  • redness and flushing of the face;
  • dyspepsia;
  • priapism.

Is Cenforce 100 effective?

Cenforce 100, a combined medicinal product, is designed to increase the duration of sex and the strength of erection. It is recommended to be taken by men in cases where it is necessary to combine sexual stamina with prolonged erection. You can also use this remedy against erectile dysfunction or impotence. Cenforce 100 acts safely, is rapidly absorbed by the walls of the stomach, getting into the blood, and is also easily excreted from the body. Sildenafil helps to improve blood circulation in genital area. After the first reception of the product, you will feel a tangible difference in potency, and after the course of treatment, it will be fixed for a long time.

Where to buy Cenforce in the United States safely?

There are two questions that are often asked on specialized sites:

  • Is buying Cenforce legal?
  • Where can I order Cenforce 100 in an online drugstore?

Cenforce is a completely legal and certified anti-impotence remedy. It is listed in the FDA bills, so it can be freely distributed in the United States. However, you can’tbuy it in regular stores.

For you, we are ready to provide a list of reliable sites that are safe for buying Cenforce online sale.

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You can buy Cenforce 100 mg online. You do not need to rush headlong, looking for the medicine on the eve of a romantic date and, burning with shame, voice the name of the desired drug to the pharmacist at the drugstore. On websites you can study Cenforce 100 mg price options and, if you decide, place an order. Turning to such services, the client can count on:

  • affordable prices;
  • a wide range of means to restore potency;
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