Which drugs
for erectile dysfunction

Pharmacology offers numerous erectile dysfunction drugs. Their production are based on the causes of the disease, the patient's age, the stage of the disease. With their help, it is possible to achieve improved erection and restore men's sexual health.

The popular ED drugs list can be divided into two groups according to the method of influence on the sexual system:

  • The effect of the drug is to increase potency, prolonged sexual arousal, and increase sensuality when an orgasm occurs.
  • The drug has a therapeutic and prophylactic effect.

Before taking the drug, be sure to consult with your doctor and see the reviews of erectile dysfunction treatment on the Internet. They will help you find the right medicine.

How do ED drugs work: warnings and side effect

ED Drugs increase blood flow to the penis at the right time. They enhance the activity of nitric oxide (NO) - a key mediator of erection, which will contribute to its occurrence and preservation. Medicines also slightly expand blood vessels - and the blood rushes to the penis more actively.

Drugs that act on the mechanism for developing and maintaining an erection are considered to be the leaders among the many tools aimed at combating erectile dysfunction. These drugs are recommended by WHO for the medicinal treatment of impotence.

When taking ED medications, you should carefully read the instructions and be prepared for the appearance of side effects. Most often it is dizziness, nausea, headache and lumbar pain.

Warning. You shouldn’t take more than one tablet per day. Overdose has a negative effect on the heart health, behavior (aggressiveness appears). Complications such as rhinitis, facial redness and headache may also occur.

Which erectile dysfunction drug is best: the big top 5

We offer you the top 5 erectile dysfunction medications. They are tested by patients and have a long lasting effect. We have also made ED drug price comparison.

1 Cialis

The drug "Cialis" acts on the basis of tadalafil, which increases the activity of blood circulation in the pelvic organs and provides blood flow to the penis. The drug is used for complex therapeutic treatment.

Cialis begins to act 15 minutes after taking, reaches its maximum effect in 1-2 hours, and can maintain it up to 36 hours. The duration of exposure is the biggest among analogues.

To avoid side effects, it is recommended not to take more than one tablet per day. The advantages of Cialis are speedwork, efficiency, ease of use, safety for health, no addiction and the need for a doctor's prescription. Cons of the drug - high blood pressure, anxiety.

Price: 90 dollars per 28 pills.

2 Yohimbin

Yohimbin - the most effective dietary supplement for the treatment of male sexual disorders caused by stress and fatigue and top 5 ED medications. The active ingredient of the drug is the bark extract of the yohimbe tree, which has a tonic and tonic effect on the male reproductive system.

Yohimbin also contains ginseng, which helps normalize blood circulation in organs and tissues, and zinc, which stimulates the functionality of the male sex glands. The supplement helps to normalize sexual function, increases the vitality of the body, prolongs the sexual activity of a man. Along the way, Yohimbin helps improve sleep and burns fat.

Price: 20 dollars per 30 pills.

3 Viagra

Viagra – the most popular drug to restore the potency among the currently existing drugs on the market. An interesting fact is the history of the development of the drug, which was originally intended for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, and the erection that followed the treatment was considered as a side effect. The active ingredient of Viagra - already known to us sildenafil - relaxes the muscles of the small pelvis, increases the capacity of the vessels.

As a result the vessels with the cavernous bodies of the penis are rapidly filled with blood. The drug is taken for 30-60 minutes before sexual intercourse, begins to act after 40-50 minutes, the effect lasts 4-5 hours. Not recommended to take more than one tablet per day, as well as mixing it with alcohol.

Price: 50 dollars per 4 pills.

4 Tongkat Ali Platinum

Tongkat Ali Platinum is an active dietary supplement that helps restore the erectile function and improves the quality of reproductive abilities. Increasing testosterone production by almost 5 times, the drug increases male libido, which in turn affects the blood circulation in the pelvis.

The supplement enhances desire, strengthens erections and contributes to the prolongation of sexual intercourse. The action begins 1-2 hours after taking and lasts 3-7 days. The preparation contains only natural ingredients. Testosterone production and strengthening of the body are helped by the tongkat root, vasodilation and blood circulation stimulation.

Price: 40 dollars per 10 pills.

5 Levitra

The active ingredient of Levitra is vardenafil, which directly affects the tissues and blood of the penis and pelvic region. The main advantage of this drug is achieving the maximum result in the complete absence of erection.

The biggest plus of Levitra is minimal side effects, since the drug was originally conceived as a safe treatment for sexual impotence. Due to this fact, the drug can be taken by men with diabetes, heart diseases. Levitra differs from Viagra by the absence of contraindications to alcohol and certain foods.

Price: 45-50 dollars per 4 pills.

Where to buy erectile dysfunction drugs: drugstore or online

Above it was noticed, what ED medications are sold in the US and how much do they cost. Most ED drugs are sold by prescription (Levitra, Cialis, Viagra). This allows you to avoid fakes and not undermine your health.

Medicines can be purchased both at the pharmacy and at the online store. The first option is preferable, since the pharmacy has all the necessary certificates.

How to buy reputable erectile dysfunction drugs online? First of all, pay attention to the solidity of the site documents. A serious company that sells drugs online will provide certificates and will sell only high-quality medicines. In online stores you can buy generics. More about them in the next article.

Best erectile dysfunction drugs over the counter

  • VigRX Plus. VigRX Plus is the best in the list of the most advanced ED tablets non prescription. More than a decade of existence on the market allowed this product to firmly establish itself among its peers.
  • Male Extra. This is an innovative ED medications over the counter of natural origin, focused on solving sexual problems of men. The drug helps to improve the quality of erections, increases sexual orientation. The product acts like PDE5 inhibitors. That is, it enhances nitric oxide, which is critical for the occurrence of solid erections.
  • ProSolution. ProSolution tablets are known to work well for an erection that can be purchased over the counter. These pills don’t only eliminate physical problems that impair erectile function, but also cope with psychological problems that reduce or easily reduce sexual desire in men.

What can i do when erectile dysfunction drugs don't work?

It often happens that the erectile dysfunction drugs do not bring the desired result. In this case, you need to visit a specialist, despite the constraints and other factors that led to resort to self-treatment.

The doctor will help you find the cause of the decrease in potency and prescribe the necessary course of therapy, select other drugs to stimulate male libido. If necessary, intracavernous injections into the penis can be used. In the absence of effectiveness, as well as in the presence of evidence, surgical intervention is prescribed.

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