Vidalista 20:
effective generic for ED treatment

Is there a replacement for Viagra and Cialis? These drugs are expensive and not every buyer can afford them. Fortunately, in online stores you can buy Vidalista 20.

Vidalista 20 is a tadalafil generic, which helps to restore erectile function. Modern men are increasingly meeting with impotence – failures in bed with their beloved women.

This negative phenomenon is influenced by many factors, including poor ecology, stress, financial instability, and bad habits. To help neutralize these effects, doctors have created these pills. Vidalista 20 mg pills are popular due to their low price and impressive effect.

What is better: Viagra, Cialis or Vidalista 20? Over this, many experts and buyers argue. It is in this article where you will find the answer to this question and decide on the drug you like. You will also find information on where to buy Vidalista 20mg online at a good price.

Erectile dysfunction: symptoms, causes

Vidalista 20 treat impotenceThe scientific definition of erectile dysfunction like: "the impossibility of achieving / maintaining an erection necessary to fully meet sexual needs." You can talk about this disorder if a man has problems in the genital area for three months. ED is a relatively new term. It was suggested by American health care professionals instead of the familiar word “impotence”. The fact is that the old term sounds too categorical, aggravates the perception of pathology and is not associated with the possibility of a successful cure.

WHO statistics is disappointing - about 10 % of men aged 20 and over have erection problems. And among the older age group (60 years), every third person is not able to have sexual intercourse. In addition, there is a negative trend in this problem. Now, according to rough estimates, there are 150 million men with ED in the world. Doctors predict that in a quarter of a century this number can double.

Symptoms of ED can be divided into several types:

  • libido disorders (lack of sexual desire);
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • ejaculation and orgasm pathologies (anorgasmia).

There are different drugs for the ED treatment. Many are based on the effect of tadalafil. The active substance is used for ED treatment. Tadalafil generic relaxes blood vessels, due to which abundant blood supply to the penis occurs. This substance is similar in principle to sildenafil, but the conditions for administration these two substances are strikingly different. There are many drugs for increasing potency based on the active ingredient - tadalafil.

What is Vidalista 20?

This generic Cialis is of good quality. Its beneficial effect doesn’t differ from other similar drugs for the prevention and treatment of ED. How does Vidalista 20 work? In its final effect, PDE-5 inhibitors relax the muscles of the arterioles in the pelvic area, which stimulates the flow of blood to the penis. But also it should be noted that these pills do not cause priapism, but rather simply improve your sexual capabilities in the presence of natural arousal, for example, when stimulated by your partner.

Buy Vidalista 20 mgCenturion Laboratories Pvt Ltd is a famous Indian company engaged in the production, sale and export of medical products. The company was founded in 2006 and has been actively developing since then, entering new markets and expanding the range of its products.

Continuous growth of reputation has become possible thanks to the desire to create premium products in all categories of production, a thorough approach to planning and quality control.

From the moment of the creation of Vidalista 20 mg, produced in India, a team of experienced specialists monitors them at every stage of development and production in order to maintain the quality standard and eliminate deficiencies, if any. Medicines are available in sterile and airtight packaging material to preserve their effectiveness and optimum quality.

Vidalista made by Centurion laboratories, like the similar drugs based on tadalafil, has 2 options of intake. The second is more efficient and economical, but takes time and does not immediately cause a strong impact (it manifests itself after a week or two). The first method is traditional and can cause side effects in some individuals, depending on the organism.

  • Episodic (taken and forgotten). 2-3-4 hours before sexual intercourse, you use 20 mg of Vidalista 20. If discomfort occurs in the first hours, then the next time (2-3 days later) just take a lower dosage.
  • Course for recovery of erection. For 5-10 weeks you take 5-10mg (from a quarter to half a pill) of Vidalista 20, or daily, or every other day (depending on how you feel). A specific improvement will manifest itself in 1-2 weeks.

The drug does not harm a person, so it’s allowed to take it for a long time. The effect of the pill can be seen after half an hour, as blood circulation in the pelvis improves, which provokes strong sexual arousal. All the components of the means lead to the tone of the musculature of the penis, causing a quality erection. Protection against premature ejaculation is also provided. As a result, both partners feel an unforgettable orgasm. The tool allows you to maintain male power for a long period, so that sexual intercourse is extended. All this time, a person will not get tired, feel discomfort.

The advantages of Vidalista 20 mg administration:

  • a significant improvement in the blood circulation of genital organs;
  • obstruction for premature ejaculation;
  • exposure as a sedative;
  • achieving a powerful effect in the shortest possible time (15-20 minutes after intake);
  • the possibility of taking the pill at any time of the day;
  • lack of addiction to the product, the safety of its action;
  • the focus of the main substance without harm to health;
  • inexpensive price;
  • prolonged action for 36 hours;
  • the med can be taken for a long time, in courses;
  • improving the functionality of the reproductive organs.

Vidalista is sold over-the-counter through regular city pharmacies or the Internet. You can buy it even with home delivery. The price of this drug is lower than that of the official and more publicized Cialis. This medicine has simple storage conditions - it must be put in a dry place, where the temperature does not exceed 32 degrees. Each blister shows the expiration date, which is 24 months from the date of manufacture. Tablets should be kept out of the reach of children.

How to use Vidalista 20 mg

Many users asks: «What dose of Vidalista 20 should I take to maintain erection?». You should start the administration of Vidalista 20 mg with a quarter of pill. If necessary, the dosage is gradually increased. The maximum daily dosage is 1 tablet. The drug must be washed down with water. This will help the active substance to absorb quickly and begin to act.

When is it better to take Vidalista? Vidalista 20 mg is taken 15-25 minutes before the planned sexual intimacy. However, it should be remembered that speed of onset of the effect can be affected by fatty foods, fatigue, psychological state and other factors. After taking Vidalista 20 mg maintains its effect up to 36 hours.

Is Vidalista a prescription drug?

Vidalista is a generic of Cialis. There is no need in a doctor's prescription for purchasing the drug, so you can buy it not only in a regular drugstore, but also in an online pharmacy. It simplifies the purchase. You do not need to spend time getting permission from a specialist and buying the med in a regular pharmacy. It is enough to go to the seller's website and make a purchase.

Types of Vidalista

The drug is manufactured in several dosages - 20, 40, 60 mg of the active substance. Pills are packed in blisters. You can purchase a blister separately. The most famous types of Vidalista are the following.

Vidalista Professional 20 mg

This drug (Tadalafil) for ED treatment is excellent for those who decide to spend an impressive and lively weekend after hard work. A man after taking the drug may forget about a weak erection and an awkward situation in connection with this. The drug eliminates serious physiological problems that lead to absolute impotence. Among the effects there can be named the activation of blood circulation, contributing to the rush of blood to the vessels of the penis during sexual intercourse. A man may not worry about premature ejaculation.

The active antidepressant effect of the drug is traced, which helps relieve anxiety and excessive emotional stress, due to which the entire body relaxes. At the same time, sensory perception is slightly dulled. The time of the onset of orgasm is somewhat delayed, that is, sexual intercourse becomes longer. Thus, the drug increases sexual stamina. In addition, it increases testosterone level.

Vidalista CT 20 mg

It is a drug for ED treatment, developed by Centurion Laboratories (India). The main active component of this drug is Tadalafil at a concentration of 20 mg. The medicine belongs to the Vidalista series, in which the manufacturer offers consumers Tadalafil-based potency regulators in various forms of release and dosages. Vidalista-CT 20 mg is a high-quality generic of Cialis, therefore the drug has a therapeutic effect on the man’s body that is identical to the original remedy. The drug quickly and effectively restores the potency without negative consequences for men's health.

The drug is available in the form of soft tablets that need to be chewed or absorbed by putting them under the tongue. The advantages of this form include a record absorption rate, mild exposure, excellent tolerability and no need to carefully plan the moment when you can move from the prelude to action itself. For example, the effect of taking ordinary tablets Vidalista 20, containing exactly the same concentration of Tadalafil (20 mg) as a soft tablet, occurs only 40-50 minutes after swallowing. Adequate erection after taking chewable tablets is observed faster - after 10-20 minutes.

Vidalista Black

Vidalista Black 80 is the most effective drug for restoring erection presented in pharmacies. One pill contains Tadalafil 80 mg, as an active ingredient. This is the quadruple maximum daily dosage of main ingredient. Naturally, Vidalista Black 80 is not prescribed for men who haven't tried generic Cialis. But, if you are already taking Vidalista 40, then you can try this medical.

Before taking this drug, you must divide the pill into the required number of parts. That can be from 2 to 8. Open pills should be stored in a dark, dry place. If you take Vidalista Black 80 just for company of other men, then it is advisable to learn the individual dosages in advance (otherwise, for some men the dosage will not be enough, while others will get an overdose, although this is not harmful).

In general, this means it's the cheapest and at the same time high-quality solution of ED problem.

Best price for Vidalista 40 mg is 17 dollars per 10 pills. Vidalista 20 mg costs 14 dollars per 10 pills. Vidalista CT costs 15 dollars per 10 pills. The cost of Vidalista Black – 20 dollars per 10 pills.

Vidalista vs Cialis vs Viagra: lets compare

Vidalista vs Cialis

How does Vidalista act? This is perhaps the main question a man asks before purchasing this medicine. The drug is a substitute for Cialis, has a relatively low price, but has a similar effect. Vidalista 20 is the same as Cialis 20mg. Its main component, as in Cialis, is tadalafil. Due to the substance increases blood flow to the genitals increases, thereby promoting a natural, stable erection.

When a guy is excited, release of nitric oxide takes place, which stimulates the rush of blood to the penis, that gets is filled with it, hardens and remains in this position until the climax. Under the influence of the main substance, the erection does not lose its power, a prolonged action occurs within a few hours after taking the pill.

But if you take the medicine without stimulation, no uncontrolled excitement will occur. This relates to both generic and original. This is another advantage of the treatment for impotence for a long time. Tadalafil is a fifth type phosphodiesterase inhibitor (PDE-5) that affects the natural processes of the body. It blocks negative mechanisms, naturally restores potency, does not affect other systems of organs, is considered safe for the health of the stronger sex.

What is better: Cialis vs Vidalista

There is only one answer to this question: both drugs act in the same way. However, Vidalista has one definite advantage: it is cheaper.

Vidalista 20 vs Viagra

Tadalafil is the basis of Vidalista. Tadalafil is a low dosage medicine that is taken once a day and allows you to achieve an erection at any time of the day or night. Tadalafil is taken 15-20 minutes before sex and works up to 36 hours.

Sildenafil is the basis of Viagra, the most famous medicine against ED, and it has been licensed for use for more than 15 years. Millions of men around the world believe that this is a very effective means of treatment. Since 2013, Viagra has been available as a generic medicine called Sildenafil. As a result, the price of Sildenafil has decreased significantly.

Although both have quick action, Tadalafil starts acting faster than Sildenafil. If Sildenafil usually begins to act about 20-30 minutes after the intake, Tadalafil can start working after 15-20 minutes. Tadalafil is also available in different variations, Tadalafil Gel which is taken once a day and will allow you to get an erection at any part of the day.

Tadalafil has a longer durating effect than Sildenafil, and can stay in the body for up to 1,5 day. This is beneficial to you because you do not need to plan taking the med in advance close to any expected sexual activity, but instead you can use its effects up to 12, and sometimes 36 hours after taking it.

Both drugs have a high level of success, helping most men restore control of their potency. In clinical trials for Sildenafil, Sildenafil 100 mg is effective in treating 85% of patients; while in the clinical tests data for Cialis, 81% of patients found that Tadalafil improved their sexual possibilities. Clinical trial data show that both medications are effective, and there is no big difference between them.

Side effects Vidalista 20mg vs Viagra

Since both medicines have the same effect, they have the same side effects. These include flushing, headaches and indigestion. However, Sildenafil also has several other side effects that do not appear to affect Tadalafil users, like rash. Headaches are also more common for Sildenafil, but may be longer in case of Tadalafil. If any of these factors affect you after taking Sildenafil, Tadalafil may be the best choice.

Tadalafil is a more modern, effective ED drug. It has advantages over Sildenafil when it comes to the most desirable attributes for ED treatment including duration of action, onset of action, and side effects.

Vidalista 20 vs Viagra

There are a number of contraindications. If you have them you should refuse to take Vidalista. These factors include:

  • age up to 18 years;
  • age over 65 years;
  • individual negative reaction to the components of the drug;
  • kidney failure;
  • myeloma;
  • liver failure;
  • leukemia;
  • Parkinson's disease;
  • hypertension;
  • diseases of the digestive tract;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • taking antidepressants and preparations containing organic nitrates.

One should refrain from using the drug after suffering a stroke and heart attack. Also Super Vidalista cannot be taken before you get behind the wheel because of a possible decrease in concentration.

Buy Vidalista by profitable prices

The prices indicated by us are not great. However, we know where the lowest prices are. You are used to buying drugs in a regular pharmacy, but this is not profitable! You spend time, money and efforts, getting insufficient saving results.

The best way to buy Vidalista 20mg is purchasing it through an online drugstore. In the USA, a large network of online pharmacies has been created, whose range is impressive. In the catalog created by us, you will definitely find Vidalista at a bargain price. You do not need to order Vidalista from India online.

The advantages of online shopping

  • Efficiency. Online stores quickly deliver your order.
  • Low price. Cooperation with suppliers allows a flexible pricing policy.
  • Comfort. You can order the right medicine, sitting in front of your computer or using a smartphone.

Vidalista in online drugstore is cheaper than buying the original Cialis. One tablet with the dosage of 20 mg costs 1.5 dollars. The tablet of the original Cialis is ten times more expensive - $ 14. Viagra costs almost the same - $ 12 per pill. Choosing Vidalista, you save considerable funds. For the money that you spend on the purchase of one tablet of Cialis, you can get 10 tablets of Vidalista.

Many consumers are also interested in the delivery times of Indian generics. All standard delivery times are 10-21 days by regular mail and 5-9 days for delivery via Express International Mail. Shipping cost varies and on average is about 10 dollars. But if you make an order for more than $ 200, the delivery becomes absolutely free.

Thus, the benefits of purchasing Vidalista in online pharmacies are obvious. You get a quality product that is not inferior to the original drug. You buy it at a reasonable price. You do not need to visit a doctor, get a prescription, waste time in queues. Just go to the website of the online pharmacy and make an order. After that, you need to wait a few days (as a rule, up to 10 days) and get the ordered medicine.

Choose a modern and economical way of purchasing drugs. On our site you will find the most up-to-date information about suppliers who provide competitive prices and delivery times. They guarantee the high quality of the goods provided, so you will definitely achieve the desired effect of the ED treatment.

Vidalista is a modern drug to improve potency. Order it and get back your confidence in male power.

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