Cenforce 200 mg:
proven ED medicine

This type of drug appeared on the pharmaceutical markets about ten years ago and firmly occupied its niche.

Cenforce mg 200 was the first medicine that was able cause an instant erection. The drug was suitable for men of any age. This discovery shocked both the academic world and the consumers. During several years, Cenforce 200 has received world fame. Many desperate men buy Cenforce 200 mg in the hope of healing impotence.

Patients appreciate Cenforce 200 for its price and amazing effect. Now you have the opportunity to buy a drug that really solves male erection problems.

Cenforce 200mg: getting online is best of all

Cenforce 200 mg pills is sold in pharmacies and online stores. When buying the medication, you need to pay attention to the certificates and special documentation of the drugstore.

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How does the remedy work: useful information about Cenforce 200mg

The basic active ingredient for Cenforce 200 and classic Viagra is Sildenafil. The chemical formula of both drugs is very similar, and therefore they affect the man's body in exactly the same way.

After Sildenafil enters the bloodstream, the body undergoes such changes:

  • The heart begins to intensively supply the pelvic organs with blood through dilated arteries.
  • Due to the release of nitric oxide, the cavernous bodies of the penis get relaxed and filled with blood.
  • A man begins to feel a pleasant warmth in the groin and an increase in sexual desire.
  • The sexual organ, filled with blood, becomes elastic, firm and erected. A long erection takes place (lasting about an hour after taking the pill). A man can begin a sexual act with a woman.
  • The impact of Sildenafil Citrate in Cenforce 200 continues for 5-6 hours. At this time, a man can perform several sexual acts, experiencing several orgasms. Even the most loving woman can’t withstand such a powerful sexual vigor.
  • During 24 hours, the drug is excreted from the organism in a natural way.

Who can take the drug

The drug Cenforce 200 (generic Viagra) is taken for ED treatment. Men of different age (18-70 years old) suffering from the initial, moderate or severe (advanced) stage of erectile dysfunction can use it.

All men can be divided into several groups:

  • Age - 18-25 years. Predominantly, such young men have no physiological problems with potency. However, they have psychological difficulties. For example, an unsuccessful first sexual experience, excessive excitement before intimacy, which did not allow a normal sexual intercourse, and so on. In this case, Cenforce 200 helps to overcome these problems by guaranteeing high-quality sex even with great excitement or psychological stupor. And after several intakes of the med, young people fully restore their masculine power.
  • Age from 32 years. In this group there are men who have physiological problems with potency. That is, without aids, they are not able to have a sexual intercourse. The reasons for such deviations in each individual case are determined by the doctor. In many cases, Cenforce 200 solves such problems with potency. A one-time use of the remedy will help to get high-quality sex even when the impotence is observed. However, the drug is used for symptomatic treatment. Recently, doctors are increasingly prescribing for men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction a course of treatment with generics of Viagra, including Cenforce 200.
  • Non-age category (18-65 years). Like some other generics of Viagra, Cenforce 200 enhances the sensitivity of the head of the penis, which causes more pleasant sensations during sexual intercourse. And since the drug is absolutely safe for health, it began to be used for these greater enjoyment purposes. It’s a perfect medicine for family men who want to diversify their intimate life.

How to take Cenforce 200mg?

In order to avoid the occurrence of side effects, it is necessary to know how to use Cenforce 200mg.

A tablet is taken in about 30-50 minutes before the planned sex, washed down with water. About an hour later, the drug begins to actively influence the man's body.

Remember the following precautions:

  • Cenforce 200 mg isn’t compatible with alcohol.
  • Eating fatty foods slows down and weakens the effect of the drug.

The recommended dosage of Cenforce 200 for men of normal weight (up to 100 kg) is 50 mg (1/4 tablet). After a test intake, the drug dosage can be adjusted. If a man has a significant potency disorder or a weight of more than 100 kg, then he can use 1/2 tablet Cenforce 200 for 1 dose.

Many patients ask: how long does Cenforce 200mg work? The drug acts for 4-5 hours, after which it is eliminated from the body naturally.

Cenforce 200 side effects

Cenforce 100 mg is safe and easily accepted by the male organism. In rare cases, there can be:

  • nausea, diarrhea;
  • dizziness, headaches;
  • nasal congestion, worsening of nose breathing;
  • short-term loss of color perception;
  • muscle pain.

Due to the individual characteristics of the organism, the use of Cenforce 200 is permitted in some cases. The drug should not be used if a man has such health problems:

  • deformation of the penis;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system, hypertension;
  • illnesses of the kidneys or liver;
  • intolerance to sildenafil;
  • he has recently suffered a stroke or heart attack;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in acute stages, etc.

Where to get Cenforce in the United States safely?

The best way to order Cenforce 200mg from India without a prescription is getting it in an online drugstore. You do not spend time and money on the purchase of the drug, getting a quick delivery.

Be careful while ordering. The best site to buy Cenforce 200 is the one that provides the necessary documents and certificates, cooperates with reliable suppliers and does not attract the attention of the client by too low prices.

It’s bargain: buy Cenforce 200mg for favorable prices

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